Logan Paul Wants To Be “The Most Hated Duo Ever” With Top WWE Star

Logan Paul

Logan Paul has a wild idea about forming a tag team with one of WWE’s top heels.

YouTube sensation Logan Paul is no stranger to being hated by the WWE Universe, and on the latest episode of IMPAULSIVE, he made a bold pitch to form a tag team with another of WWE’s most hated stars: Dominik Mysterio. According to Paul, the two would be the most hated duo in sports entertainment.

“I had a crazy idea recently. Dom is super heel right now, Dominik Mysterio can not get a word out, I’m telling you. He lifts the microphone to his mouth and the whole arena [boos]. He can’t say — He can’t cut a promo and he plays on it and it’s really working right now, they hate him. Logan Paul, Dominik Mysterio [in a] tag team. The most hated duo of all time, the most hated tag team partners in the WWE just crushing it, running through cause we have a story arc too, we both did our first WrestleMania together. That was out first WrestleMania, it would be crazy.”

Logan Paul Thinks He Could Take Dominik Mysterio Further Than Rhea Ripley

Of course, Mysterio has been aligned with The Judgment Day for quite some time, and is in a solid on-screen partnership with WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley. When asked about the possibility of coming between the pair, Paul made the bold claim that he could take Dom further than he can go with Mami.

“I’m sure I could fit my way in there. Who cares, and honestly — I don’t know, me and Dom, maybe we could go further than him and Rhea.”

After suffering defeat at the hands of Roman Reigns and failing to capture Money in the Bank, Paul is once again riding high in WWE after defeating Ricochet in the opening bout of SummerSlam.

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