Logan Paul Defies Triple H To Clap Cheeks In WWE US Title

Triple H Logan Paul WWE US Champion

Logan Paul is the WWE United States Champion and it seems that the star is celebrating with his championship belt in every way possible.

Logan Paul captured the WWE US Title at Crown Jewel when he defeated Rey Mysterio. The win marked the first gold of Paul’s wrestling career and he seems to be celebrating in style with his new title.

Speaking in a video on his brother Jake Paul’s YouTube channel, Logan Paul joked about living in his title belt and claims he was warned by Triple H about getting intimate in his new hardware:

I don’t think you understand. I just took a shower with this belt on. I ran a 5K earlier with this belt on. This belt never leaves my body waist. I f*ck in this belt. This belt means everything to me.

Cut that out, bro. Just because the WWE, they did say that I can’t fuck in the belt. When I won the belt, they said [laughs]. I swear, Triple H, he came up to me, he said, ‘Logan, congratulations on the belt. One thing we’ve been really cautious about here in the organization is making sure our athletes are not f*cking in their belts, so if you could just refrain from f*cking in your belt,’ and I gave him my word.

Next thing you know, I’m clapping cheeks in this f*cking 40-pound piece of metal. You gotta cut all of that out.

What Is Logan Paul’s WWE Future?

Logan Paul recently announced his retirement from boxing and he looks to focus on his future in pro wrestling. Paul has vowed to be at more WWE shows now that he is a champion in the company but he might want to give Triple H a wide berth following his comments or at the very least invest in some high-strength cleaning spray.

h/t Fightful