Logan Paul Strips Off With WWE US Title [PHOTO]

Logan Paul

Logan Paul knows how to cause a stir and he seems content on living the “champ life” after capturing the WWE US Title.

At WWE Crown Jewel 2023 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Logan Paul picked up the biggest win of his WWE career against Rey Mysterio to capture the United States Championship.

The win was not without controversy, however, as one of Paul’s goons attempted to give the social media star a pair of brass knucks to use but was chased off by the LWO’s Santos Escobar. However, Escobar left the brass knucks in easy reach for Logan Paul who used them to smash Mysterio in the face and pick up the win.

Logan Paul Shows Off His “Champ Life”

Now Logan Paul has taken to social media to share some photos from his new life as a WWE champion which shows him doing almost everything with his title belt, including taking a shower.

While Paul seems to enjoy having his title belt with him in bed, on the treadmill, or while pretending to smoke an unlit cigar, he has not followed in the footsteps of CM Punk who famously kept his WWE Championship in the fridge back in 2011 – yes, it really was that long ago.