Logan Paul On Popular WWE Star – “I Hate That They Love Him”

Logan Paul Prime

Logan Paul spoke about the relationship between one fellow star and the WWE Universe.

Since making his way into the WWE, Logan Paul is no stranger to stirring up a crowd. Despite his impressive feats of athleticism in the ring, Paul has been heavily booed by audiences across the world.

Meanwhile, LA Knight’s popularity in the sports entertainment giant continues to rise. Fans made it clear that he was their choice to win Money in the Bank, and even though he didn’t succeed, support for the former Eli Drake shows no sign of slowing down.

Ahead of Money in the Bank, Paul and Knight had a confrontation on SmackDown that saw everyone on Knight’s side (except Kevin Nash).

Speaking on the latest episode of IMPAULSIVE, Logan Paul addressed Knight’s popularity with the crowd and spoke about a potential clash between the two down the road.

“I see LA Knight coming into the WWE. They love him. I hate that they love him. They hate me and they hate that I hate him. We have a little bit of a thing. I was in his face and it felt a little real. I don’t think he gets my thing that well, and neither does the WWE Universe. He sort of speaks for them and they appreciate the time and the fact that he’s earned it. I get that, and I would love to take all of that away from him in one night.”

A clash between the two men would no doubt elicit a strong reaction, but for now, Logan Paul is headed toward a bout with Ricochet at SummerSlam in Detroit. Paul recently explained why he’s requested to go on first at the blockbuster event.

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