Logan Paul – “I Am Technically A Full-Time Wrestler”

Logan Paul

Logan Paul has stated that WWE is now his main career.

Paul has been known for multiple projects over the years, be it YouTube, boxing or helping to create the popular drink brand Prime. However, in an interview ahead of his return to boxing against Dillon Danis, Paul addressed his contract situation with WWE.

Speaking on The MMA Hour, the YouTube star revealed that he is contracted to a full-time deal in wrestling so trying to find the time to box is difficult:

“We gotta find a time in the schedule to carve out a time to box. I am technically a full-time wrestler. I’m on the roster, I have a contract, and it’s also a goal of mine to get WWE championships. I didn’t just come to partake. I came to take over. You don’t do that if you’re hopping in and out of the sport. So we gotta find time to box and find time to wrestle, and they’ve been very accommodating,”

Although signed to a full-time deal, the social media star is only seen sparingly on TV and has only competed on Premium Live Events. However, Logan Paul wants to recreate an iconic WWE moment.

Logan Paul Discusses Bouncing Between Boxing And Wrestling

In the same interview, Paul was asked about transitioning between the two sports, to which Paul responded that each sport has advantages over the other:

“Boxing is just so much more intensely violent. Both sports have their danger and both extremely primal. I often feel like I’m born in the wrong generation. I like the idea of two men, two women, humans going at it with all they have. I don’t know, I just feel like I’m built for it. Boxing ignited a certain part of my brain that wrestling doesn’t, and wrestling ignites a certain part of my brain that boxing doesn’t. I like going back and forth. Also, who’s doing it? I gotta make a legacy somehow,”

H/t to Fightful.