Logan Paul Boxing Press Conference Descends Into Chaos

Logan Paul

The press conference for Logan Paul’s next boxing match got extremely intense, ending in everyone involved being pulled apart.

Whilst seemingly being accomplished when it comes to lacing the boots in a wrestling ring, Logan Paul has now looked to get back in to the boxing realm when he takes on Dillon Danis at the next X Series event on 14th October in Manchester, England.

The event is listed as a double main event with the undefeated KSI also taking on Tommy Fury, who defeated Jake Paul last time out.

However, it seems like everyone involved didn’t want to wait until the show, as everyone had to be pulled apart at today’s press conference.

“I’m The One Who Can See John Cena”

Before it broke down, the insults were flying very freely, with KSI using a unique wrestling reference to explain how different he is – that he’s the one who can see John Cena.

It was soon time for Logan Paul to get the microphone, and as the insults started flying he actually wanted to show a kind gesture to his opponent by starting his birthday celebrations and bringing out a birthday cake.

As you’d expect, it was all a ruse and just another way to take a jab at his opponent.

The insults all became a bit much for some including John Fury, Tommy Fury’s trainer and also father of heavyweight sensation Tyson Fury, who was ready to fight anyone and ended up kicking the tables over before everyone tried to brawl and were pulled apart by security.

Although there was planned to be a face-off between Paul and Danis, both left the building before it could happen.

Logan Paul had a very unique day on his last WWE outing, when he took on Ricochet at SummerSlam, before getting straight on a plane to support his brother at his latest fight.