Logan Paul Believes WWE Is Perfect For Him

Triple H Logan Paul WWE US Champion

Logan Paul will be sticking around in WWE for a while yet.

It’s almost become a clich√© by this point, but Logan Paul has set new standards for celebrity wrestlers. In decades past, if a celebrity could pull off a passable headlock, throw a convincing punch, and not look like 77-year-old Vince McMahon taking a Stunner while bumping they were considered a success, however, the bar has been raised.

Alongside Bad Bunny, Paul has lifted expectations and picked up the art of wrestling faster than very few in history. As a result, he’s the current United States Champion, and the YouTube star believes he’s finally found his calling.

Appearing on Jazzys World, Paul explained why the world of pro wrestling is based on everything he loves.

“WWE is the perfect thing for everything that I love in life. The showmanship, the combat, the physical nature of it, the storytelling, the media. It’s everything that I love. You know, we’re doing part of it right now but in a second I get to go out there and I get to go beat some people up.

I think it’s fun for me people seem to enjoy it and truthfully Jazzy I think at age 27 I found my calling. I gotta say I’m good at it. Jazzy you’re looking at the US champ, the best WWE has seen in a while so I’m gonna be at it for a minute.”

Logan Paul To Face Winner Of New Tournament

A new tournament is underway to decide a new number-one contender for the United States Title. In the first two matches on the December 8th episode of WWE SmackDown, Bobby Lashley got a win over Karrion Kross and Santos Escobar saw off Dragon Lee.

On the other side of the bracket, Austin Theory will take on Kevin Owens and Grayson Waller will meet an NXT Superstar. Shawn Michaels announced on December 11th, that the NXT star is Carmelo Hayes.

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