Logan Paul Accused Of Telling Blatant Lies

Logan Paul WWE

Logan Paul has found himself in hot water.

On March 7th it was announced that Jake Paul would fight boxing legend Mike Tyson in July at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Interestingly, the bout will also be broadcast live on Netflix.

Paul currently has a record of nine wins and one defeat, but his match against Tyson will be his first at heavyweight.

Shortly after the fight was announced, Logan Paul claimed he was actually offered the fight first, but decided to turn it down. The YouTuber-turned-WWE star was seemingly worried the match would turn into a “real fight.”

However, speaking on his own podcast, BS w/Jake Paul, the star has called out his brother, accusing him of telling blatant lies.

“I hate that my brother and I’s relationship sometimes has to be aired out, but it seems as if the court of public opinion is the only thing that steers him in the right direction. It is weird to lie, to blatantly just lie.”

Jake went on to reiterate that the comments from Logan were a “complete lie.”

“Why is my own brother trying to make me look the second option for Tyson. Like, ‘Oh yeah, I turned down that deal.’ No, you didn’t. That’s a complete lie. Why are you fabricating lies?”

Logan Paul Discusses New WWE Deal

On the March 8th edition of SmackDown, Logan Paul announced that his Prime energy drink would be the first-ever in-ring sponsor in WWE history. From WrestleMania 40, the logo for the drink will be printed in the middle of the ring canvas.

Following the announcement, Logan Paul admitted the deal would have been impossible if Vince McMahon was still in charge of WWE. McMahon was known to be against sponsors taking space in and around the ring.

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