Logan Paul Admits WWE Deal Wouldn’t Happen With Vince McMahon

Logan Paul WWE

Logan Paul has bit back at fans who are critical of WWE doing a first-time-ever deal with his Prime drink.

On SmackDown in Dallas, Texas, US Champion Logan Paul kicked off the show by telling the world that his Prime drink has struck a deal with WWE to become the first-ever center ring sponsor for the company.

The deal will begin at WrestleMania 40 and will be in effect for every premium live event going forward. This means that WWE’s toughest competitors will now do battle on grand stages with a vinyl bottle of Prime beneath their feet.

Paul introduced his business partner KSI to the crowd but the YouTube star ended up eating an RKO from Randy Orton. Logan Paul and Randy Orton look set to square off at WrestleMania 40 after Paul cost Orton a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship when he clocked him with the brass knucks in the men’s Elimination Chamber match.

Logan Paul Says TKO Always Going To Sell Ring Space

Speaking on Impaulsive, Logan Paul discussed the deal and said that while Vince McMahon never wanted sponsors on his ring, WWE is now in a whole new world and everything has a price to TKO:

Getting that center ring spot is interesting. It’s more positive reviews, but I think the die hard wrestling fans are really upset. It’s never been done, and Vince [McMahon] was always really protective of the mat and not putting any brands on it, but in this new era, which it is, no matter how you cut it.

TKO is a publicly traded company, they have to meet a bottom line. That spot was going to be sold. We saw an opportunity, and potentially an opportunity to make people hate me even more, because I am a heel, that’s kind of the angle I took. F*ck y’all, I’m going to stamp everything about this with me so you’re reminded of just what my aim is; to takeover.

If we don’t have this spot forever, who knows, it’ll be somebody else. I promise, if you’re a die-hard WWE fan, you’ll forget about it. It’ll start to be standard practice and I don’t think it’ll be as distracting as y’all think.

h/t Fightful