Lex Luger Shares Which Top WWE Star That He Thinks “Has A Great Look”

Lex Luger Shares Which Top WWE Star That He Thinks

Former WWE and WCW star Lex Luger expressed his admiration for WWE Superstar Gunther, hailing him as a unique blend of traditional and modern wrestling styles.

During an episode of his podcast, “Lex Expressed,” Lex Luger shared his thoughts on Gunther’s approach to wrestling, highlighting his seamless integration of old-school and contemporary techniques.

I love his work. I love just the tights and the boots. He doesn’t even wear his knee pads, like old school.

Luger stated enthusiastically.

He’s sort of a combo of a throwback and he can do the modern-day stuff as well. He has a great look, and his interviews have gotten better and better. I like Gunther a lot. He’s got the height and the size and just that look he has. I like Gunther a lot.

Luger’s comments underscore Gunther’s unique appeal in the wrestling world. Known for his impressive physical presence and commanding on-screen persona, Gunther has captivated audiences with his distinctive style. Luger’s praise highlights the wrestler’s ability to embody the essence of classic wrestling while also excelling in modern performance aspects.

Did Lex Luger Think He Could Have Won The WWE Championship?

Lex Luger said that he thought there was a chance that he could have won the WWE Championship prior to him leaving the company in 1995 despite a failed push to the top which saw him miss out on capturing the title at the 1993 SummerSlam and at WrestleMania X.

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