Lex Luger Reflects On If He Could Have Won The WWE Championship

Lex Luger Reflects On If He Could Have Won The WWE Championship

Lex Luger, a former WWE and WCW star, shed light on his departure from WWE in the mid-1990s and his aspirations for the WWE Championship. Despite his prominent matches and significant push in WWE, Luger never secured the WWE Championship before returning to WCW in 1995.

During an episode of Lex Expressed, Lex Luger revealed that his decision to return to WCW wasn’t fueled by a perceived career plateau in WWE. Contrary to speculation, he firmly believed he still had a genuine chance of claiming the WWE Championship had he opted to stay with the promotion. Luger stated:

There was always a chance. That was actually my intention was to re-sign [with WWE]. The decision to move back over to WCW was a last-minute ‘Hey, we’re having our own Monday night show. We didn’t know you were available.’ I met with Eric [Bischoff] and Sting, and it all happened in a period of a few weeks. My intention all along was to re-sign with Vince.

Luger’s confidence in his potential championship trajectory in WWE was palpable in his statement, highlighting his determination to climb back into contention for the top spot. His transition back to WCW was motivated by the prospect of reuniting with Sting and the fresh opportunities presented by WCW’s new Monday night program.

Clarifying his departure from WWE, Luger emphasized that he wasn’t leaving because he felt his career had stagnated. Instead, he saw the chance to reunite with Sting and felt more at home with WCW at the time. The appeal of joining a brand new show with WCW also played a significant role in his decision-making process.

I wasn’t leaving WWE because I thought my career was over there at the time. I just thought that the opportunity of getting back with Stinger [was too good to pass up], and I always kind of felt at home more with WCW at the time. And they were having a brand new fresh show. I thought that might be a nice opportunity.

What Did Lex Luger Say About Almost Winning The WWE Title?

Lex Luger said that he wasn’t promised the WWE title and that he thought that despite not winning the title himself, WWE did a good job with Bret Hart as champion at that time and labelled Hart an “incredible champion.”

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