Lex Luger Reveals He’s Signed To WWE Contract

Lex Luger WWE

Former WWE Superstar Lex Luger has revealed he is still under contract with the company.

Lex Luger made his name in the wrestling world in the late eighties as part of Jim Crockett Promotions where he joined The Four Horsemen. He captured the NWA/WCW US Championship several times during this run and won the biggest prize in the promotion when he captured the WCW World Heavyweight Championship at The Great American Bash in 1991 after Ric Flair had left the promotion while still champion.

After spending time with the ill-fated World Bodybuilding Federation, Lex Luger officially joined the WWE roster at WrestleMania 9 in 1993. As The Narcissist, he was a hated villain but just a few months later following Hulk Hogan’s departure from the company Lex Luger was reborn as an All-American hero. However, despite his push, the WWE Championship evaded him with the closest he’d get to the title coming at SummerSlam 1993 when he defeated title-holder Yokozuna by count out.

Lex Luger claimed his place in wrestling history when he debuted on the first edition of WCW Nitro, making the jump across the wrestling divide with nobody in WWE having any prior warning. Luger won the WCW World Title again during this run in the promotion and remained a WCW star until the company was bought by Vince McMahon in 2001.

Lex Luger “under contract with WWE”

Speaking on his Lex Expressed podcast – courtesy of AdFreeShows – Lex Luger revealed that despite WWE not wanting him back in 2001, he is currently under contract with the company and says he feels more a part of wrestling’s family than he did during his time in the ring:

“Well, of course, I’m still an ambassador, which is a great program with WWE. They have some things they send us out on and we’re involved with behind the scenes.”

“I’m a fan now. I feel like more part of the wrestling family now than I did when I was wrestling. I feel like I’ve come full circle. When I go to the comic cons and the fans come up and they bring their kids and they say, ‘Hey, this is who I watched when I was your age,’ it’s generational.

“Wrestling fans, I don’t know how else to explain it, they’re just special, and I feel like I’m a fan now. I watch what’s happening in AEW and WWE, even though I’m under contract with WWE, I love it. I’m like going from being a performer to a wrestling fan now and I feel like I’m part of that special family.”

Lex Luger only had thirteen matches following the closure of WCW with the last of those coming in 2006. Luger is one of the highest-profile stars not to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as of yet. His chequered past including his relationship with Miss Elizabeth at the time of her death may have played a part in him not yet being honoured by the company.

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