Lex Luger Hints At Sting’s Potential AEW Comeback Following Personal Discussion

Lex Luger Hints At Sting's Potential AEW Comeback Following Personal Discussion

Former WWE and WCW star Lex Luger shared his thoughts on the potential return of wrestling legend Sting to an AEW ring.

In an episode of his podcast “Lex Expressed,” Lex Luger, who had a conversation with Sting, expressed optimism about Sting’s future involvement in AEW.

I think he’s definitely gonna take a little breather right now. I was actually on the phone with him a few minutes ago. He’s taking a little breather. But I’d love for him to stay involved to a certain extent. Participating in five decades in wrestling, I could definitely see something like that happening. I know I would enjoy it.

Luger acknowledged that Sting’s full-time, bell-to-bell wrestling career is likely over, referencing Sting’s last match as a legitimate retirement.

I think you’re right, his in-ring, bell-to-bell career is over. I can see him once in a while getting in the ring and doing one move or something, kind of like Taker did at WrestleMania, at a similar big event like that. But I definitely think from my viewpoint he’s not going to do any more bell-to-bell matches. That definitely was a legit retirement match.

Despite this, Luger emphasised Sting’s potential to remain a significant presence in AEW.

But yeah, I think he can be utilised if he has an interest. He can definitely be utilised in a big way on television still, no doubt about it.

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