Lex Luger Addresses WWE Hall Of Fame Snub

Lex Luger Michael Jordan

Lex Luger has given his thoughts on why he’s not been honoured with an induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Lex Luger never quite hit the heights of WWE Champion in Vince McMahon’s company but Luger did become World Champion in WCW. A former Four Horseman, a long-time partner of Sting, and a co-Royal Rumble winner, Lex Luger’s career kept him near the top of the card throughout the late eighties and nineties.

Speaking on his Lex Expressed podcast, Lex Luger was asked about his continued absence from the WWE Hall of Fame and said he thinks his out of the ring controversies have played a part:

I get asked that question a lot … a lot of guys go, ‘Wait, you’re not in?’ A lot of people think I’m already in. When people ask me ‘Why?’ I really don’t know what criteria … I think me personally, my in-ring criteria definitely fits. I think [I] have the credentials to get in.

But I understand that my out-of-ring antics can play a role sometimes … I don’t know if that’s a factor or not. But maybe [I’m] controversial, and some people felt like the wrestling world shunned me for a while due to some of the things that happened outside of the ring … deservedly so.

There’s consequences for things we do in life, so if that keeps me out of the Hall of Fame, I understand. If I never get in, I still look back fondly on my career and what I did accomplish.

Lex Luger Involved In Wrestling Tragedy

In April 2003 Lex Luger was charged with a misdemeanor count of battery following a domestic dispute with his partner Miss Elizabeth. Miss Elizabeth tragically died a few weeks later due to an accidental overdose and Luger was arrested again following the discovery of copious amounts of drugs in their house and charged with 13 counts of felony drug possession.

A Hall of Fame induction could be in the works sooner rather than later, however, as Lex Luger revealed he is currently under a WWE contract.