Legend Claims John Cena Is Better Than Many Believe

John Cena

John Cena is “better than everybody said” according to one veteran.

By the relaunch of ECW in 2006, Cena was well acquainted with being a World Champion, but he was still on a very much upward trajectory. During this period, Cena had a brief feud with Sabu which ended with the pair having a match at Vengeance.

The sight of WWE’s poster boy taking on the ECW legend was certainly a strange one, but Sabu left the match impressed.

Appearing on Stories with Briscoe and Bradshaw, Sabu said Cena was better than people were saying.

“Oh yeah, he was better than everybody said he was and he was more gracious than I could imagine, but he was he was very good. I thought he was very good.”

John Cena Nearing End Of WWE Career

Fast forward to 2024 and John Cena is inching ever closer to the end of his career, as his wrestling appearances become more and more infrequent. The 16-time World Champion hasn’t wrestled since being utterly demolished by Solo Sikoa, which Michael Cole claimed on commentary could be the end of his career.

Speaking in a new interview, John Cena admitted he’s trying to work out how to end his WWE run, reiterating that he doesn’t have much time left.

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