John Cena Working On WWE Exit Strategy

John Cena

John Cena’s time as a WWE star looks to be almost up with the sixteen-time champion of the world contemplating the end of his wrestling career.

According to WWE John Cena is the greatest of all time. Cena has won a record-equalling sixteen world titles throughout his legendary career, headlining WrestleMania several times and having mixed it up with some of the best ever.

However, all good things come to an end and Cena’s full-time WWE career came to an end several years ago. Since then Cena has appeared sporadically with his latest longer-than-usual run in the company coming due to the writer’s and actor’s strikes that shut down Hollywood.

Cena’s last match – so far – in a WWE ring came at Crown Jewel where he was destroyed by Solo Sikoa. John Cena has not claimed a televised singles win in WWE since beating Triple H in 2018, showing that he’s happy to do what he’s told by the company as his time runs out.

John Cena Looking For Way Out Of WWE

Speaking with People, John Cena admitted he does not have much time left as a WWE competitor and is trying to find the best way to fully close that chapter of his life:

I turned 47 this past year and I don’t have much time left in the WWE. You know, I’m trying to figure out when to close that chapter. I wouldn’t be who I am — professionally or personally — without the WWE, and I promised myself that I would never simply just be there for my own sake. Every time I perform, I want to give my all to the audience. And I’ve got to admit when I hit the 45 mark, I had to begin to try to form an exit strategy and I’m trying to work on that currently.

I just want to do what’s best for the company. If it’s a big final match or if it’s just a final match, or however I can be integrated into the product to let everyone know that this chapter is over, I’m willing to listen to what WWE has to say.

However, although his own career in the ring might be at an end, Cena does have his sights set on passing on his years of wisdom to new generations of WWE stars:

I do have almost two and a half decades of wisdom built up where I think I can offer a mentor perspective for sure. So, if I am not integrated with the WWE family moving forward and in perpetuity, then I think it’s a waste for everyone involved.

Where John Cena’s WWE career goes from here is anyone’s guess. He is not rumoured to be part of WrestleMania 40 whereas his old rival The Rock looks like his final match could come on that massive stage.

Randy Orton wants John Cena one more time in a title match before all is said and done in the two men’s careers after facing off countless times already in big WWE bouts.