Backstage News On Who Is Leading TNA Creative Process

TNA Logo over The Schism

There is an update on who is part of the creative team for TNA Wrestling following a shocking departure.

It was announced recently that Total Nonstop Action fired Scott D’Amore as the President of the company that he worked for throughout most of the last 20 years. Over the past seven years, D’Amore was an executive who was also in charge of the creative direction of the company.

The news of D’Amore being fired shocked a lot of people within the company. There were reports of TNA performers being extremely angry after hearing the news and also writing letters to their TNA bosses about their frustrations.

Since D’Amore was in charge of the booking as well as what wrestlers were being hired, he had a lot of personal relationships with the talent. They got to know him well and a lot of them will miss him being around.

There was a report in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter by Dave Meltzer that former WWE & ECW wrestler Tommy Dreamer would be running the TNA creative team. While Dreamer has worked for TNA for many years and will continue to be part of the team, he is not in charge. To debunk the Observer error, there were reports from Fightful Select and PWInsider about TNA’s new creative process.

It will be “Ariel Shnerer will be overseeing all TNA content going forward and will be working in conjunction with new TNA President Anthony Cicione,” according to PWInsider. It was reported by both sites also that Shnerer is the former GM of the Fight Network in Canada and he helped launch the TNA+ streaming service. Shnerer will also apparently have the last word on any talent and creative decisions.

TNA Creative Team Features Several Veteran Wrestlers

The Fightful Select story notes that Robert Evans (RD Evans), Hunter Johnston (Delirious) and Tommy Dreamer are all key parts of the TNA creative team that will be supported by TNA Hall of Famer Gail Kim and Jorge Barbosa.

Gail Kim “does so many things from a talent relations and producing perspective that it would take an hour to list all of her responsibilities” according to PWInsider. They added that Gail can now add creative team work to the list.

On this week’s episode of TNA Impact, Moose defeated Kushida in the main event.