Latest Update On Jeff Hardy’s DUI Arrest

jeff hardy aew

Things are starting to move in the DUI court case currently open against Jeff Hardy.

AEW’s Jeff Hardy was arrested on June 13th, 2022 for driving without a license and being three times over the legal DUI limit. A video released of the arrest showed that Jeff was stumbling around and barely able to stand. Thankfully, nobody was hurt while he was driving drunk.

Following his arrest, Jeff was suspended without pay by All Elite Wrestling and he entered a rehab treatments facility. There have been updates on his status noting that he is in good spirits and may return to wrestling, but there are still legal issues stemming from his arrest due to other arrests in the past.

Jeff Hardy was previously arrested on similar charges in March 2018 and October 2019 while also spending time in jail due to drug possession in 2011. Jeff’s current legal issues have seen pre-trial hearings being delayed constantly, so it’s currently unknown when Jeff will be able to wrestle for AEW again.

A new report has now indicated that Hardy will appear in court later this week.

According to Pro Wrestling Insider, Jeff Hardy is scheduled to appear for a case management conference which is currently scheduled for 1.30pm EST on Thursday, 23rd February.

At this stage, it is not confirmed how quickly the rest of the process will then move, but the fact that it looks like a date is about to be stuck to for part of the case is a positive sign that it will now start progressing.