Lance Storm Tells AEW How They Can Elevate Their Matches

Lance Storm Gives Advice To AEW On How They Can Elevate Their Matches

Reactions from esteemed retired wrestlers regarding the perceived “modern style” of wrestling have been diverse.

While some have voiced concerns about performers, such as Will Ospreay, being overly ambitious, others have embraced the natural evolution of professional wrestling.

Of notable critique is the observation that many talents are pushing the boundaries too far, particularly in the context of weekly programs like AEW Dynamite.

Renowned Canadian professional wrestler and wrestling trainer, Lance Storm, renowned for his technical expertise and influential role in the wrestling industry, has offered insightful evaluations of contemporary matches on his exclusive podcast.

In a recent episode for Wrestling Observer subscribers, the esteemed former WWE, WCW, and ECW legend shared his analysis of the riveting match between Claudio Castagnoli and Will Ospreay on AEW Dynamite.

I did absolutely love the Claudio and Will Ospreay match. I was a big fan. I like Don Callas and Taz. I like their dynamic on commentary. And the match was fantastic. Claudio is insanely good as is Ospreay, surprise, surprise, everybody.

Storm did mention his concern however about the reasoning behind the exciting battle.

But there is part of me that wishes many of these matches had more angles and stories so that you could get into them and look forward to them more. But the match itself was fantastic.

After concluding his illustrious in-ring career, Lance Storm established the Storm Wrestling Academy, a renowned institution dedicated to nurturing aspiring wrestlers. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, Storm’s academy has been instrumental in developing the skills and potential of future wrestling talents, solidifying his legacy as a mentor and contributor to the wrestling industry.

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