Ex-WWE Star Details Health Battle After Worrying Heart Issue

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Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Lance Storm has marked the first anniversary of the beginning of his long-running health issues.

Lance Storm is best known for his runs in ECW, WCW, and WWE where he was noted for his technical prowess in the ring. Storm’s highest career point came in WCW where he held the US, Cruiserweight, and Hardcore Titles all at the same time, rebranding them with new Canadian names in tribute to his home country.

Storm called time on his full-time career in 2005 but still competed infrequently on the independent scene with his final bout coming against Matt Hardy in 2016. These days Lance Storm works as a producer for TNA with the company currently going through a turbulent time after Scott D’Amore was fired as TNA President.

Former WWE Star Lance Storm Details Breathing Issues

Speaking on Figure Four Daily Live, Lance Storm went into details on his recent health issues on the one year anniversary of suffering a worrying heart complaint:

It’s the one year of all my health issues and headaches. It was one year ago on this date that I went into AFib randomly. Sitting on my couch and my FitBit watch told me my heart rate was scoring great cardio zones and I was like ‘What?’ and found out I was in atrial fibrillation.

Still having issues breathing out of my nose and I’ve been complaining about it forever. I got tested for allergies but didn’t test positive for anything including cats and dogs and I have a cat and two dogs so I’m going to be getting allergy shots on the off chance it helps. But yeah, the inside of my nose is terribly inflamed and I have a very difficult time breathing through it.

I’ve had my lungs tested, I’ve had my heart tested, I’ve been to an ENT, I’ve been to an allergist and everyone keeps telling me I’m perfectly healthy but I have terrible inflammation on the inside of my nose and a difficult time breathing.

Storm noted that doctors are stumped by his condition and while the star has a slightly deviated septum they have ruled that out of causing the issue.

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