LA Knight Segment At WrestleMania Was Scrapped

la knight wwe smackdown promo

LA Knight ended up being absent from this past weekend’s WrestleMania, although it would seem he was originally meant to be involved.

Since coming up to the main roster from NXT, LA Knight hasn’t had the smoothest of rides. However, he’s now away from the Maximum Male Models and was the selected opponent for Bray Wyatt’s first match back in WWE at the 2023 Royal Rumble, where the competed in the Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match.

However, many then thought Knight would be a part of the WrestleMania festivities, despite not being on the announced card for either day. Now it would seem that there was originally an opponent in mind – the man who won the 2023 Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal on SmackDown, Bobby Lashley.

According to a report from WRKD Wrestling, there was a segment between the two which was originally planned, but was scrapped. In the end, ‘The All Mighty’ simply made an entrance with his new trophy, before the show moved on to the triple-threat match for the Intercontinental Championship.

A noticeable on-screen absence from this weekend’s #WrestleMania was LA Knight, even after saying, “WrestleMania will get that LA Knight moment!” We’re told Knight was scheduled to have a segment with Lashley on night two. We are unsure, as of now, why the change was made.

What did end up as part of the card on that night was the impromptu match between The Miz and a returning Shane McMahon, which was cut short when McMahon tore his quad landing from a leapfrog, leading to Snoop Dogg decking The Miz and hitting a version of a People’s Elbow before getting the pin himself.