Kurt Angle Reveals WWE Taught Him A Lesson Due To Being An A-Hole

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle recalled a time in his carer when he felt like WWE was teaching him a lesson due to his bad behavior behind the scenes.

The year 2005 was an interesting one for WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle. By that point, he was an experienced pro wrestler that was considered by many people to be one of the best all-around performers in the business. Angle could literally do it all in the ring, on the microphone and in backstage segments. There are not many wrestlers better than a prime Kurt Angle.

Following WrestleMania 21 when Angle had an all-time great match with Shawn Michaels that Angle won by submission, he was put into a feud with Booker T on Smackdown.

That storyline with Booker T led to some awkward moments when Angle did promos about how he wanted to have “beastiality sex” with Booker T’s wife Sharmell. Kurt Angle recently called it the storyline that he most regrets doing in his WWE career. Booker T would go on to win that rivalry.

Next up was ECW One Night Stand 2005, which was an all-time great show. Kurt Angle was part of a group of heel WWE superstars that wanted to “invade” the show. They eventually got their asses kicked by the ECW side with Tazz, who was an announcer at this point, choking out Angle in the Tazmission on the floor.

While reflecting on that time of his carer on the Kurt Angle Show podcast, the Olympic Gold Medallist said that he believes WWE was teaching him a lesson by making him do the feud with Booker that Angle didn’t like doing and then getting beat up by an announcer like Tazz.

“I will tell you this, it was all my fault. At this point in my career, I was a real pain in the ass. Okay, listen, I was addicted to painkillers I was hiding, I was hiding it, I was getting injured all the time. I was really frustrated with creative because of the Sharmell thing and all this stuff.

I just felt like I kept lashing out and saying, ‘Oh, why are you guys doing this? You know, you need to change things, I need something better than this.’ And I was always demanding everything. And I think the company said you know what, we need to put this guy in his place. And that’s what they did. And I don’t blame them for that.

I’m not kissing their ass by any means, but I was a real a**hole. And I can’t believe I was that way because that’s not me. But you know, I’ve been addicted to the painkillers and getting injuries and being so frustrated all the time. I was lashing out and I definitely deserve that. So it was them teaching me a lesson basically because I was one of the top guys in the company. They don’t normally do that to the top guys in the company, but they had to do that to me at this point in time.”

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