Kurt Angle – “WWE Needs To Start Putting Finn Balor Over”

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Kurt Angle has warned WWE that they risk losing Finn Balor and admits he “wouldn’t blame him” for leaving.

The Olympic Hero has been praising the first-ever Universal Champion and has admitted his disappointment at not seeing Finn Balor become World Heavyweight Champion.

At last weekend’s SummerSlam, Balor looked to avenge his seven-year itch by defeating Seth Rollins and find closure over a match that changed the direction of his career.

It was at SummerSlam in 2016 that Finn Balor dislocated his shoulder during a match with Seth Rollins. Balor managed to continue and became Universal Champion, but what should have been the start of a main event WWE career was halted and he is yet to recapture that position.

Kurt Angle was discussing this year’s SummerSlam match between Rollins and Balor on his podcast The Kurt Angle Show and is concerned that WWE might lose the leader of Judgment Day.

The Hall of Famer feels that it “would’ve been nice” to see Balor gain his revenge and shared how highly he rates the former Bullet Club member.

“Well, you know what? It would’ve been nice if they would’ve given him [Balor] this world title. You know, I think he’s really over, incredibly athletic. He has a lot of charisma. This kid, you know, if WWE doesn’t end up doing something with him, that’s dramatic. I wouldn’t blame him if he went off and went somewhere else.

I don’t wanna see him do that because I love the WWE, and I think he’s a good fit for them, but they need to start putting this kid over. He deserves it. They’re over [Judgment Day]. They’re still over without Edge.”

Judgment Day Coming For Finn Balor And Damian Priest

Following the defeat to Seth Rollins at SummerSlam, Finn Balor is at the back of the queue for a chance at the World Heavyweight Championship and it could lead to his own Judgment Day as issues arise between faction members Balor and Priest.

Since becoming the 2023 Men’s Money In The Bank Winner, Damian Priest has interfered in both Balor’s attempts to defeat Rollins.

This has started to boil over backstage as the pair have been seen arguing. Now that Rollins is set to focus on Shinsuke Nakamura, after the Two-Time NXT Champion attacked Rollins on last Monday’s Raw, it could be the perfect opportunity for the Judgment Day to get the pair back on track.

With Priest holding the MITB Briefcase, Rhea Ripley WWE Women’s World Champion, and Dominik Mysterio the NXT North American Champion, it leaves Balor the only member empty handed.

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