Kurt Angle Reveals WWE Offered Big Money To Buy Milk Truck From 2001 Raw

kurt angle wwe milk truck

Kurt Angle has revealed how much WWE was willing to spend to buy the milk truck that he used on WWE Raw during the Invasion storyline.

In the summer of 2001, the Invasion storyline was dominating WWE television. The Alliance group led by Shane & Stephanie McMahon was filled with former WCW & ECW wrestlers while the WWE Champion “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was on their side.

On the WWE side, Kurt Angle became one of the top babyfaces in the company that was once an ally of Austin, but then they became allies.

During the August 20, 2001 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw, Steve Austin was in the ring with The Alliance for “Steve Austin Appreciation Night.” That’s when Kurt Angle interrupted the festivities.

Kurt Angle drove a milk truck down to the ring, grabbed a hose and sprayed it all over The Alliance while the fans were cheering loudly. It was a memorable moment that was a bit of a parody of when Steve Austin drove a beer truck to the ring and sprayed beer on Vince McMahon, The Rock and Shane McMahon in 1999, which the fans also loved.

The milk truck moment for Angle was called “Milk-0-Mania” by Jim Ross on commentary and it’s a name that stuck. WWE did it again with Angle and Gable Steveson in December 2022.

During an appearance on Stories With Brisco And Bradshaw, WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle revealed to WWE Hall of Famers Gerald Brisco & John Bradshaw Layfield that WWE tried to buy the milk truck for the WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures TV show that airs on A&E on Sundays in the current season.

“We offered this guy sixty grand for his truck and he said no. It was crazy, man. Not everybody agrees to give away their stuff. Some people say no.”

As Angle explained further, he said that the truck owner uses it for parades and people in the community like it. Due to the emotional investment, the owner turned down the $60,000 offer from WWE while Angle thinks it was only worth about $5,000 for it.

“When I did that on the episode of RAW, that truck became famous because it was used on WWE television, so they started using it for all these parades. This truck became the famous milk truck that was on RAW with Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kurt Angle, so the guy grew really attached to it, so do the people in the community, so they use it for six parades a year and he didn’t wanna give it up.”

Kurt Angle’s episode on Most Wanted Treasures hasn’t aired yet for this season. Angle filmed it in November with Mick Foley, as he noted on social media at the time.

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