Kurt Angle Filming WWE Show With Hall Of Famer

Kurt Angle on the mic

A couple of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Hall of Famers have been recording a new show for the company, and recently, a photo was shared of them both together on-set.

Kurt Angle and Mick Foley joined up to film a new episode for “WWE Most Wanted Treasures,” with the former sharing a picture of himself with the wrestling icon on his Twitter.

The 13-time world champion tweeted:

“I’m with the great Mick Foley shooting WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures today. Got the little cowboy hat and badges out for the shoot. So much fun!! Memories and moments!! #itstrue”

Mick Foley wearing the cowboy hat and Kurt Angle sporting the sheriff badge is an Attitude Era reference when “Stone Cold” Steve Austin gave a gift of a cowboy hat to Angle.

Appreciating the gift, Kurt Angle then gave a gift of his own — a sheriff’s badge to Steve Austin and Vince McMahon.

“WWE Most Wanted Treasures” is a show produced by World Wrestling Entertainment where they send popular names from professional wrestling across the country on a “treasure hunt” to find rare memorabilia from the sport.

The second season of the show is currently being produced. Mick Foley has already been on the show before, being featured on the pilot episode of the program where he went on a hunt for Mr. Socko, a flannel jacket that Cactus Jack was famous for wearing, and a leather vest that was worn by Foley’s Mankind character.