Kurt Angle “Was So Uncomfortable” With Controversial WWE Storyline

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle has been a part of some major WWE storylines over the years but one that he was not directly involved in left the WWE Hall of Famer less than impressed.

In 2023, Edge and Lita have both received rapturous receptions in front of WWE crowds and are well-respected WWE Hall of Famers in their own rights having had illustrious careers in the company. In 2005, however, it was a very different story.

The lines between art and reality were blurred when it came to light that Lita and Edge had been having an affair while he was married and she was in a relationship with Matt Hardy. Hardy made the situation public and was fired by WWE for doing so which only led to more visceral hatred flowing towards Edge and Lita.

The two were paired up on television as a result and despite their relationship coming to an end and the awkward situation, they took part in the infamous live sex celebration on Raw the night after Edge captured the WWE Title from John Cena.

Eventually, Matt Hardy returned to WWE and the three were able to put their personal issues aside and do business, having a series of bloody, hard-hitting matches. However, not everyone was a fan of all this dirty laundry being aired on TV.

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Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show, the Olympic champion admitted that he thought the whole storyline was in poor taste but he understood why the company was pursuing it:

“You know what, it was so uncomfortable. You know, I was really tight with Edge and Christian and the Hardy Boys. And when they did that whole thing, I didn’t like it. I, to be honest with you. It just wasn’t very tasteful. I understand why they were doing it. And I understand Matt Hardy was on board with it, but I didn’t. I didn’t like it. I thought it was just sh*t.”

Matt Hardy might be flying without his brother Jeff again for a while in AEW with the former WWE Champion seemingly written off TV for at least a few weeks.

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