Kurt Angle Reveals Which Match Triple H Believes Is The Best Ever

Kurt Angle Reveals Which Match Triple H Believes Is The Best Ever

Following his iconic WWE Championship match at the Royal Rumble 2003, Kurt Angle unveiled a pivotal moment in his career after receiving high praise from Triple H who called the match the “best I ever saw.”

During a conversation with Stone Cold Steve Austin on the WWE Network‘s Broken Skull Sessions. Kurt Angle recounted the electrifying atmosphere of the match, which received widespread acclaim from fans and critics alike. However, it was a post-match encounter with none other than Triple H that left an indelible mark on Angle’s wrestling journey. Recalling the poignant moment, Angle revealed:

I remember when I got done with the match, I went to the back and Triple H came up to me and said, ‘Listen, man, you just raised the bar. You just had the best match I ever saw.’

Angle expressed his astonishment and gratitude at receiving such high praise from a seasoned veteran like Triple H. For Angle, Triple H’s words served as validation of his skill and dedication to the craft. To be hailed as one of the best in the business by a respected peer like Triple H was a defining moment for Angle, signalling his ascent to greater heights in the wrestling world.

So he’s telling me, ‘Listen, you’re one of the best in the business and only been in three years.’ It was a big compliment to me and I thought, I’m on my way. I got something special.

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