Kurt Angle Believes Paul Heyman Is “Full Of S**t” Regarding Recent Comments About The Bloodline

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Kurt Angle knows Paul Heyman very well and he thinks some recent comments from the “Wise Man” are a bit questionable as it relates to The Bloodline.

If you are familiar with the career of Kurt Angle in WWE then you know that Paul Heyman played a big part in Angle’s rise to the top in the company. They worked together quite a bit in the early 2000s including most of 2002 when Heyman was the lead writer on Smackdown and Angle was the top guy on the brand.

There was also an alliance between Angle and Heyman on screen when Heyman became Kurt’s manager and also brought Team Angle onto television to work with Kurt.

These days, Paul Heyman is the “Wise Man” Special Counsel that is a part of The Bloodline group with the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa. It used to include The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) along with Sami Zayn, but the group has had its issues in 2023.

Following SummerSlam last Saturday, Paul Heyman spoke at the post-SummerSlam press conference saying it’s still early in The Bloodline story.

“We can sit there and point to what clearly drove all this, and it’s the Bloodline, and when I say the Bloodline, I mean the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns. We’re just figuring this out. There is so much more to learn. There is so much more for us to grasp. There is so much more for us to master. It’s a craft, and it’s an evolving craft. It’s an ever-evolving form of entertainment, and if you sit there and you think, ‘we got this, this is it, we’re cruising to WrestleMania,’ we’re going to be replaced, and we should be.”

“If you don’t come at this with the greatest ambitions to be much better tomorrow than you are today and much better two days from now, then you’re not here to be the greatest of all time. That’s what Roman Reigns wants to be and is determined to be. That’s the only reason why I agreed to have life after Lesnar. How could I have ever topped the run I had with Lesnar? Roman Reigns because he’s that ambitious because he wants it that badly. What inning are we in? Bottom of the third. Wait until you see what we have in the fourth.”

Heyman saying “bottom of the third” is a baseball reference. If you don’t watch baseball, the games last nine innings, so Heyman’s comment would mean that we are still in the early stages of this storyline that is three years into it.

Kurt Angle Feels Paul Heyman Is Lying About The Bloodline Storyline

While speaking about The Bloodline storyline, the WWE Hall of Famer Angle admitted on his Kurt Angle Show podcast while he loves the story, he thinks Heyman’s comments were rather questionable.

“The storyline is great, I love it, but I think Heyman was full of s**t. I think they’re in the eighth inning, and they’re stressed. They’re making s**t up now. That’s what I believe.”

“Paul Heyman, I know him, and I know that he’s probably going crazy right now, ‘What do we do next?'”

Whether you believe Kurt or not, The Bloodline story continues and remains a focal point of WWE programming moving forward.

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