Kurt Angle Calls Brock Lesnar “An Idiot” Over WWE Exit

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Brock Lesnar is one of the most iconic WWE stars of all time but according to Kurt Angle, the star was an “idiot” in the way he left the company for the first time back in 2004.

Lesnar was tired of the travel involved in WWE and sought to bring his career to an end after just two years as a WWE Superstar. His final match in the company at the time was the infamous WrestleMania 20 bout against Goldberg where the crown turned on both competitors as the news emerged that both men were on their way out of the company.

Speaking at an Inside The Ropes live show, Kurt Angle recalled Brock Lesnar telling him that he wanted to leave WWE and revealed Lesnar ignored his advice when telling Vince McMahon about wanting to quit:

“Ok, this is what happened. We were in South Africa, and Brock comes up to me and says, ‘Hey, I hate f*cking traveling. I can’t take this anymore, I can’t travel overseas all the time. I like to be home and I like to hunt and fish.’ I’m like well Brock you are a simple man. He said, ‘Listen, I think I know what I’m gonna do,’ I said ‘What are you going to do Brock?’

“He said, ‘I’m going to try out for the NFL.’ I said, ‘Why are you going to do that? You have a job with the WWE.’ He said ‘Because I hate f*cking traveling. In the NFL, you only travel 8 weeks of the year. So every weekend, you go to another city, but it’s only 8 times. The rest of the dates, I’ll be at home, fishing and hunting.’ I said, ‘Okay, so what are you going to tell Vince?’

“He said, ‘I don’t know, that’s why I am asking you.’ I said, ‘Well I would tell him after WrestleMania.’ He asked why and I said ‘Well because you’re going to have to do the f*cking job at WrestleMania if you are quitting now, and you are wrestling Goldberg. If you want to win at WrestleMania, don’t tell him until after WrestleMania.’ He goes ‘Gotcha.’

“We go back, we go straight to SmackDown. He goes up to Vince and he says, Vince, I want to try out for the NFL. I was like oh f*ck man, he just f*cked himself. So, next week is WrestleMania, and what happened? Brock Lesnar did the job against Goldberg. It would have been the other way if Brock Lesnar had smartened up, but he didn’t because he is an idiot.”

Thankfully for WWE fans, Brock Lesnar returned to the company in 2012 and has remained part of the roster – albeit a part-time one – ever since. Lesnar recently picked up yet another big win in his career at Night of Champions when he caused Cody Rhodes to pass out.

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