Kevin Sullivan Blasted WWE Tournament As The Stupidest Idea Ever: “No One Looked Good”

Kevin Sullivan Blasted WWE Tournament As The Stupidest Idea Ever:

WWE ventured into the realm of legitimate shoot-fighting with the infamous Brawl For All tournament in 1998. Lasting from June 29th to August 24th of that year, the tournament left a trail of injuries and shattered careers in its wake, cementing its legacy as a catastrophic misstep in wrestling history.

Kevin Sullivan, speaking on a recent episode of Tuesday with the Taskmaster, minced no words in labelling the tournament as “one of the stupidest ideas ever” in the wrestling world. He pointed out how the event disrupted the momentum of all involved wrestlers, underscoring its detrimental impact on their careers.

That thing was one of the stupidest ideas ever. These matches are gonna be real, and the rest of it is bullshit? I mean, no one looked good.

The tournament’s winner, Bart Gunn, found his triumph short-lived as he faced the formidable boxer Butterbean in a losing effort at WWE WrestleMania 15, effectively erasing any gains he had made from the Brawl For All. Originally, the tournament was tailored for “Dr. Death” Steve Williams to emerge victorious, with officials envisioning an easy path to the top for him. However, Williams’s shocking defeat by Gunn dealt a severe blow to his credibility, ultimately derailing his career trajectory.

During the Brawl For All, Gunn notably scored knockouts against The Godfather and Bradshaw in the finals and engaged in a closely contested bout with Bob Holly, ultimately clinching victory by referee decision.

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