Kevin Owens On Sami Zayn – “I Don’t Think It’s Optimal For Our Careers To Be Parallel Anymore”

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Kevin Owens is ready to move on from Sami Zayn as he explained on Raw while also talking about it on an official WWE podcast.

It’s time for Kevin Owens to step away from the ongoing story involving his best friend Sami Zayn, who has been a rival as well as an ally going back 20 years when they started in pro wrestling.

It seems every time WWE tries to separate Zayn and Owens, they end up being linked together somehow. Currently, they are on opposite brands with Owens being a Raw superstar and Zayn being a Smackdown guy, which kept them apart for a while until what happened at Survivor Series.

During the Men’s WarGames match at Survivor Series, Zayn and Owens were key to the story being told in that match. It was all about whether Zayn would remain loyal to The Bloodline or would he want to help his best friend Owens? Zayn made his intentions very clear after Owens hit Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns with a Stunner and Zayn stopped the referee’s count to make the save for Reigns. After Owens shouted at Zayn about it, Zayn hit Owens with a low blow uppercut and Helluva Kick. That allowed Jey Uso to finish off Owens with an Uso Splash for the big win.

On the Raw that followed on November 28th, Kevin Owens made it clear that he was done with Zayn. Owens didn’t want to deal with him anymore.

Kevin Owens appeared on WWE’s After The Bell podcast to further make his point by admitting that Zayn didn’t betray him at Survivor Series because Zayn was just helping his team.

“Yeah, you know, he really didn’t even betray me, he just helped his team win. And he chose to do it in a pretty messed up way, right? But again, it’s like I said on Monday, I really can’t blame him for everything I’ve done to him over the 20 years, and I’m talking before WWE as well, you know. So I guess the sentiment I really had is just our careers really have been linked forever. And in WWE, even if you just look at the last eight years, from the moment I started NXT to now, even when we’re not on the same show, our careers are somehow parallel, people still lump us together.”

“And I mean, even if you just look at what we’ve done since I got to WWE, how many matches we’ve had, how many pay-per-views we’ve been in the same match. Whether it was one on one or you know, four ways or ladder matches or whatever. We’ve done three Wrestlemanias together, we did one, the first one was in a multi man ladder match, we’re in the same match. Second one, we were in a tag team match against Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan, and we had a singles match at WrestleMania. Like just that’s three of them, it is insane.”

“So at this point on Monday, what I said really came from the heart like it’s just, it’s done. I think we’ve just done this for a long time. We’ve really helped each other throughout our careers a lot, but we’ve probably held each other back as well, just because of this constant, the constant pairing in people’s minds even when we’re not together.”

As he continued, Owens recalled a time five years ago when Zayn was punished for his own behavior, yet Owens was also disciplined even though he was barely involved in it.

“We just, you know, like I know for a fact I’ll tell you this back in 2017, he and I were so in people’s minds, so just that if he got heat backstage for something I get the heat too, even if I had nothing to do with it. We got kicked off a Europe tour once together for something that I will, I’m gonna have to, I don’t think, I don’t think either of us had anything to really be blamed for, but I was barely involved in it.”

“Like, it’s just, it’s just no, get those guys out of here. It wasn’t just to get one of them, both of them because literally everything in that aspect what I said Monday stands, you know, I think he’s just time to be done and he’s thriving.”

Owens talked about Zayn some more while crediting his friend Sami for thriving and proving how good he is.

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