Kevin Nash Compares Top WWE Star To Macho Man Randy Savage

Kevin Nash & Macho Man Randy Savage Split

Kevin Nash had some big praise for one WWE star.

Since becoming The Visionary, Seth Rollins has delighted and frustrated crowds in equal measure. While some believe his larger than life character makes him stand out, others feel the persona is far too comedic to be really taken seriously. Although it should be noted that in recent months, the realism of his presentation has been dialled up several notches.

One man who was never really a fan of Rollins was Kevin Nash, but that’s now changed after the WWE Hall of Famer came to a surprising realisation.

Speaking on Kliq This, Nash explained that his opinion of Rollins changed after he noticed his similarities to Macho Man Randy Savage.

“I didn’t like the fu**ing Seth Freakin’ Rollins character for like, quite a while and then I just realized like in the last maybe two months that he’s kind of like the modern day Macho.”

Nash added that Rollins has modernised the Macho Man character, and that coupled with his skills in the ring, have created magic.

“He has that kind of glasses, and I mean, he just got kind of a Macho Man vibe. If you were to modernize Macho Man, he would be kind of like Seth, plus he can work his fu**ing ass off. He’s really fu**ing good.”

Kevin Nash Full Of Praise For Recent Drew McIntyre Promo

Speaking during a different episode of the podcast, Kevin Nash also praised WWE recent promo package for Drew McIntyre. The video was shown to hype McIntyre’s recent match with Rollins at Crown Jewel, and showed his journey back to the top of WWE after struggling to find success.

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