WWE Hall Of Famer Praises Recent Drew McIntyre Promo

drew mcintyre wwe promo

Drew McIntyre venting his feelings during a segment on WWE Raw made it feel like an ESPN segment, according to Kevin Nash.

One of the biggest matches at WWE Crown Jewel on November 4th saw Seth “Freakin” Rollins defend the World Heavyweight Champion against a former two-time WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.

The story going into that match was all about how McIntyre has complained a lot about getting screwed out of the WWE Title over a year ago when he faced Roman Reigns. McIntyre also complained about how his two WWE Title wins in 2020 took place in front of no fans due the COVID-19 causing WWE to do shows without fans in attendance. Rollins told McIntyre to stop whining because everybody goes through difficult times in life.

This led to a video package on the October 30th edition of Raw featuring Drew McIntyre where he went to the WWE Performance Center, the site of his first WWE Title win over Brock Lesnar, to recall how it felt.

Kevin Nash is a two-time WWE Hall of Famer who really enjoyed the Drew McIntyre promo while comparing to an ESPN segment covering professional sports. On the latest episode of the Kliq This podcast, Nash praised McIntyre and WWE for the video package.

“I tell you the thing that I really thought was a good piece that they did on Monday Night Raw, was the McIntyre piece. They showed that he was the chosen one and that he kinda failed, he went off for like four years and kind of found himself and came back.”

“Worked himself back into the position to win the Royal Rumble, now he’s going to go against Lesnar. COVID hits and he wins the championship in an empty arena and he defends this belt in an empty arena and before the people came back, he lost the belt. I just thought that was done very ESPN [like], it had a really good feel to it.”

The Future Of Drew McIntyre Is Full Of Question Marks

Unfortunately for Drew McIntyre, he wasn’t able to beat Seth Rollins at Crown Jewel. The match ended when Rollins avoided a Claymore Kick and went on to hit a Pedigree followed by The Stomp to beat McIntyre clean. It led to the announcers questioning what was next for McIntyre as rumors of a heel turn continue to swirl around the Scottish Warrior.

Meanwhile, there are also questions about his WWE future since his contract is set to expire in early 2024 and there has been no confirmation of a new deal yet.

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