Kevin Nash Says “There’s A Reason AEW Isn’t Growing Their Audience”

Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash has given his thoughts on why AEW hasn’t been able to grow its audience.

Earlier in July, the company brought in a series of new rules with the aim to help protect both wrestlers and fans. Among other things, this includes banning unprotected chair shots to the head, bleeding in the crowd, and shots to the back of the head.

Speaking on the latest edition of Kliq This, Nash speculated that another reason for the new restrictions was to help increase eyes on the product.

The WWE Hall of Famer claims that AEW has concentrated too much on one demographic at the expense of gaining more fans. Meanwhile, WWE has been going from strength to strength.

“I think that what you do … What you do when you allow that much blood and that much spot fest, you paint yourself into a certain demographic that’s going to watch that program.

“They haven’t grown that audience. There’s a reason why they’re not growing the audience … while in the meantime, WWE is doing some really nice ratings.”

Despite the new rules being in place, AEW’s most brutal match of the year, Blood & Guts, took place on the July 19th edition of Dynamite. The Blackpool Combat Club took on The Golden Elite in the vicious double ring grudge match in an attempt to end their months-long feud.

After using tables, screwdrivers, thumbtacks, and more, Jon Moxley threw in the towel on behalf of his team as ‘Hangman’ Adam Page was living up to his name by choking Wheeler Yuta with a chain with assistance from Matt Jackson.

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the above transcription.