Jon Moxley Explains How He Is Living His Ideal Life

jon moxley aew dynamtie yell

Jon Moxley has clearly moved on from some of the issues in his past, and feels like he is in a great place in his life.

Heading to AEW and quickly becoming World Champion, Jon Moxley added additional starpower to the fledgling company in short order. However, he also ended spending time in rehabilitation which slightly marred the successful run.

Now in an interview with Sports Illustrated, Mox has opened up on where he feels he’s at in life right now. He sees the demons as being behind him, and that he’s living his ideal life.

You always think your life would be perfect if you had one more thing. Doesn’t everyone do that? But every day, I’m reminding myself of how good things are right now. I’m in my ideal situation. I have a beautiful family. I’m healthy. I’m not afraid of dying of cardiac arrest in the ring. My substance abuse issues are in the past. S— happens, but I’m healthy.

I get to wrestle in AEW on Dynamite, and nobody’s up my ass. I can experiment and create a new piece of work. It’s part of the collective history of pro wrestling every single week. This is my ideal life. Beautiful wife, beautiful daughter. I’m healthy and I get to do what I love.

In the same interview, Jon Moxley discussed his opinion on blood in professional wrestling, following his contest teaming with Homicide to take on Jun Kasai and El Desperado in NJPW.

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