Kevin Nash Recounts Being “Pounded” During His Return At The 2011 Royal Rumble

Kevin Nash Recounts Being

In a momentous comeback at the 2011 Royal Rumble, Kevin Nash made his first appearance under his famed moniker, Diesel, since 1996. However, his return to the squared circle was not without its hurdles, as he found himself in the crosshairs of two formidable opponents, Sheamus and Drew McIntyre, both former WWE Champions, who Nash humorously recalled as mercilessly “pounding” him.

During a candid discussion on “Kliq This,” Kevin Nash shared his experience of stepping back into the ring with the relentless duo, who eagerly welcomed the WWE Hall of Famer.

Those two guys pounded me like I owed them money.

Nash humorously recounted. Despite the overwhelming reception from the audience chanting ‘Diesel, Diesel,’ Nash found himself grappling with the reality of his physical limitations:

And the whole f**king place is chanting ‘Diesel, Diesel.’ And I mean, they’re just relentlessly just f**king chewing me alive.

Nash reflected.

And I’m thinking, like you know what, man? I’m too old to f**king, like, fight from underneath. I’m just, like I’ll just take the beating. I’m getting eliminated here in a minute.

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