Kevin Nash Reveals Which Legendary WWE Match He Didn’t Want To Be A Part Of

Kevin Nash Reveals Which Legendary WWE Match He Didn't Want To Be A Part Of

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash opened up about his reluctance to play a significant role in the iconic WrestleMania X ladder match between Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels.

Taking place on March 20th, 1994, WrestleMania X marked a crucial juncture in WWE history, heralding the dawn of “The New Generation” era as fresh talent emerged to fill the void left by departing wrestlers.

Kevin Nash, a rising star at the time, briefly appeared in the ladder match. Speaking on Kliq This, he confessed to initially wanting to avoid involvement, fearing he might disrupt the match’s flow.

[WWE] was like, ‘Okay, so, we’re gonna have this ladder match,’ And I’m just like, ‘Guys we gotta get me [out of the match] immediately. I’m gonna f**k s**t up, so get me out of there.’

True to his apprehensions, Nash was promptly removed from the match after executing an illegal clothesline on Razor Ramon outside the ring. Despite his brief stint, Nash humorously reminisced about the experience, noting that his $10,000 paycheck for the moment’s work marked a significant milestone in his career.

I made a big 10 grand and went and sat by the monitor, that was my biggest payoff to date 10 grand for a f**king clothesline.

The WrestleMania X ladder match, despite Nash’s fleeting involvement, remains a cherished moment in wrestling lore. Revered by fans and pundits alike, it stands as one of the greatest matches in the business’s history.

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