Kevin Nash Reflects On The Kliq’s Last Moments With Scott Hall

Scott Hall and Kevin Nash with the rest of The Kliq

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash has opened up on the final moments The Kliq were able to spend together with the late Scott Hall.

On March 13th, Wade Keller of PWTorch broke the news that Scott Hall had suffered three heart attacks the previous night, leading to the star becoming reliant on life support. The heart attacks were the result of complications arising from hip replacement surgery Hall had undergone the previous week. After the surgery, a blood clot got loose leading to further issues.

Later on March 13th, Hall’s close friend Kevin Nash gave the unfortunate news that life support would be discontinued when Hall’s friends and family were in place and able to say their goodbyes. Life support was stopped soon after.

On the latest edition of his ‘Kliq This’ podcast, Kevin Nash reflected on the final moments the infamous ‘Kliq’ group – which included Hall, Nash, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Sean Waltman – were able to spend on the phone together before Hall passed away.

“So [DDP] was keeping me in the loop and, but then we’re going to, when it came time to get Scott out of the hospital, they were going to bring him to Dallas’ and he was going to stay Dallas’ and kind of recover there. And so I talked to Dallas, I was in, Bobby Fulton had some show that I was at there and I was signing with Kurt Angle, and that was on Saturday.”

“I got a call Sunday morning that God was early, and it was Paul [Levesque]. Paul said that Scott had three heart attacks, and it didn’t look good. And so I tried to get a flight to Atlanta, couldn’t. So went back to Daytona Beach and then couldn’t get a flight out of Daytona Beach and then they were just at that point they said that you know, they were going to pull the plug.”

“The doctor said that it would be maybe 10 minutes that Scott would be alive. So before they pulled the plug we all, the Kliq guys got on speakerphone and we all talked, cried is basically all we did.”

H/T to Inside The Ropes for the above transcription.