KENTA Comments On Shinsuke Nakamura Using GTS

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KENTA definitely took notice of Shinsuke Nakamura using his GTS on WWE Raw.

On the October 9th episode of Monday Night Raw, Shinsuke Nakamura shocked the world by delivering a GTS to Ricochet ahead of Ricochet’s triple threat match with Bronson Reed and Chad Gable.

Of course, this stirred speculation about a potential CM Punk return to WWE. While previous reports indicated it was a “safe bet” Punk would be appearing at Survivor Series in Chicago, Fightful Select reported today that Punk is not currently in talks with the sports entertainment giant and there are no plans in place for him to return.

While WWE fans associate the Go To Sleep with Punk, NJPW star KENTA is the real inventor of the move, and he took notice of it being used on Monday Night Raw. Taking to social media, he jokingly told Nakamura he would see him at Survivor Series in Chicago, clearly alluding to the speculation surrounding Punk.

“See you at survivor series lol”

CM Punk Admitted To Stealing The GTS From KENTA

Punk himself fully admits that he isn’t the inventor of the much-discussed move. At a BA Star rally during his previous WWE run, Punk had this to say:

“I stole it. Easiest answer. There’s a gentleman by the name of KENTA who wrestles in Japan for Pro Wrestling Noah. Everything’s been stolen and just used, you know. That’s why I actually kept the name; I didn’t try to change it to like, you know, the ‘Punk Out’ or the ‘Punkarama.’ I was blatantly ripping this poor b*stard off, so I kept the name, kind of as an homage to him.”

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