Kenny Omega Calls Out Ex-WCW Star For “Huffing Big Show’s Farts”

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Kenny Omega took aim at a former WCW wrestler for allegedly being ignorant of a wrestling style Omega himself is very familiar with.

Kenny Omega is quite protective of Japanese wrestling culture and is quick to defend that sub-genre if someone criticized it. So when Glenn Gilbertti, better known as Disco Inferno, made a dismissive statement of a spot from a recent Stardom show, Omega jumped to the joshi’s defense.

The back-and-forth began when the Twitter account Dark Puroresu Flowsion tweeted a clip of a Stardom match from March 26th between AZM and Hazuki in which one woman hit the other with a tilt-a-whirl headscissor into an armbar from the apron to the floor with the caption “one of the most brutal bumps of the year.”

Disco Inferno, however, wasn’t that impressed with the spot. Instead, he called it unsafe and “potentially deadly” and then called out both Kenny Omega and Dave Meltzer for not pointing out the alleged safety concerns with the move.

After another fan noted Disco’s lack of knowledge of Stardom and joshi wrestling in general, Disco remarked that he had no idea who one wrestler was or what title the two women were competing for.

Kenny Omega then chimed in by accusing Disco Inferno of being ignorant, which he then alleged stems from his previous time “huffing Big Show’s farts”, which is itself a similar insult that Eddie Kingston hurled at Disco some time ago.

Disco Inferno has not responded to Omega’s comments as of this writing.

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