Kenny Omega “Bewildered” He Walked Out Of Major AEW Match

Kenny Omega

On the 10th of May edition of AEW Dynamite, the feud between Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega resumed inside a steel cage in a match that Omega was lucky to emerge from unscathed.

Omega and Moxley’s issues date back to the former WWE star’s debut in AEW back at Double Or Nothing in 2019 but they have gained steam again in recent months due to the ongoing battle between the Blackpool Combat Club and The Elite.

That brought both men to a steel cage match on Dynamite where Kenny Omega was shockingly betrayed by the weasely Don Callis. Callis stabbed Omega in the head with a screwdriver allowing Moxley to pick up the win.

However, there was another moment in the match where things could have gone more disastrously wrong for Omega. He delivered a huge V-Trigger to Jon Moxley that sent Moxley flying through the side of the cage to the arena floor. Omega followed him but his foot got trapped between the ring and the cage causing his knee to bend in a way that nature very much did not intend.

Speaking to Muscle & Fitness, Kenny Omega discussed the gruesome moment and admitted that he was amazed he was able to walk away from the match:

“I’m still bewildered over how it was that I walked away from that one. I just let it happen and I think, somehow, because nothing was going against the grain, or fighting against this odd happening, I miraculously ended up OK.”