Kenny Omega Sends Message To Tony Khan – “Stop Letting The Inmates Run The Asylum”

Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega might have been victorious on Dynamite but he had strong words for Tony Khan after the Blackpool Combat Club left him laying once again.

On the 19th of April edition of Dynamite, The Elite’s numbers were bolstered against the BCC when Don Callis brought out Konosuke Takeshita to stand and fight with The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega. Takeshita did just that and The Elite was left standing tall over their rivals for a change.

In Sunrise, Florida on Dynamite, Omega and Takeshita teamed up to take on The Butcher and The Blade in a tag team contest. Omega and Takeshita picked up the win but things quickly went south for the pair after the bout as the Blackpool Combat Club appeared once again.

Bryan Danielson tried to recruit Takeshita to the group which allowed the rest of the BCC to attack from behind. The Young Bucks ran in to make the save but the Japanese star stopped Omega from using a screwdriver on the head of Jon Moxley. But after Takeshita refused to stand with the BCC, Wheeler Yuta nailed the star with a low blow before Moxley ripped his head open with the screwdriver.

After Dynamite was off the air, Kenny Omega had strong words for the BCC and AEW boss Tony Khan and hinted that the only way to end this rivalry might be Blood and Guts:

“You’re really entertained, aren’t you? This is what you wanted, isn’t it? Get your pound of flesh, run away with your tail between your legs. How about we make a deal? Hey Tony, instead of letting the inmates run the asylum for a change, how about you lock these guys where they can’t run, where they can’t hide, and you take on me? You want to see how tough I can be? You think we’re just kids, huh? You think we can’t fight? You think we can just wrestle? I’ll show you.

“Hope you’re listening, Tony. This is far from over. You hear me? This is far from over. Moxley, no more running, no more hiding. No more. Goodbye, goodnight.”

Elsewhere on Dynamite, Adam Cole found reinforcements from a familiar face as Roderick Strong made his shock AEW debut.

h/t Fightful