Kenny Omega Reveals The One Move He Would “Never Ever Do Again”

Kenny Omega Reveals The One Move He Would

Kenny Omega revealed the most gruelling bump he ever took in his career and stated that he would “never ever do it again.”

The incident took place during a match in 2012 at the prestigious Budokan Arena for DDT. In an interview with A Music Blog, Yea?, Kenny Omega shared the details of the match in question. He was pitted against his longtime rival Kota Ibushi and decided to push the boundaries of his performance.

Omega took a top rope Hurricanrana from the top rope to the floor outside the ring. Reflecting on the horrifying experience, Omega described it as the most shocking fall he had ever absorbed. He felt his insides bounce and hit the top of his rib cage, leaving a lasting impression on him both physically and mentally.

It was 2012, I main event a match in Budokan Arena, I wanted to pull out all the stops, so there was this one move in the match where I took a Frankensteiner or Hurricanrana, however, you’d like to call it from the top rope to the floor and that was probably, to this day, the most shocking fall that I’ve ever had to absorb. You feel your insides bounce and hit the top of your rib cage.

Omega made it clear that he would never attempt the move again, as the impact was too traumatic. The footage of the incident still scares him to this day.

It was gross and I would never ever do it again, seeing the footage scares me.

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