Kenny Omega Reveals Bizarre AEW Spot That Left Him Scarred For Life

Kenny Omega holding his chest in the ring

Kenny Omega was left scarred for life after a surprising spot in a recent AEW match.

Omega has been in his fair share of brutal matches during his career, but he has revealed that one of the more bizarre bouts has left him with a permanent scar. On the November 15th episode of AEW Dynamite, the Best Bout Machine teamed up with Kota Ibushi, Chris Jericho, and Paul Wight to take on the Don Callis Family and Brian Cage in a Street Fight sponsored by the videogame, Like A Dragon Gaiden.

The crazy bout saw elements of the game included, from the outfits the wrestlers wore to some of the weapons they used against each other. One of the more bizarre moments saw Ibushi ride to the ring on a bicycle while attacking opponents with steel pipe. Later in the bout, Konosuke Takeshita made use of the bike, picking it up and attacking everyone in sight, including Omega.

During an appearance on GameSpot’s YouTube channel, the former AEW World Champion revealed he had a scar from the wheel hitting him that won’t go away.

“I’ve been hit with a lot of stuff over my career, especially this past year. In fact, some Like A Dragon inspired weapons. I was involved in the Like A Dragon Gaiden Street Fight. As much as a kendo stick might hurt or some barbed wire, thumbtacks… Being hit with a bicycle full blast, we are talking 360 discus throw bicycle shot.

“There has never been anything quite like it. I don’t know if you can see it but I have a scar from the wheel hitting me. That’s not going away, that’s what a bike does to you!”

While some people called the use of the bike “silly,” Omega’s having none of it.

“There were comments. This is silly, why would someone use a bike in a fight? How could that hurt? I couldn’t believe that people would actually think that! You are getting hit with a real life bicycle.

“I get it, I’ve been there, still living it to this day. I don’t think there are too many fights in the world that have ended this way. The dude had the bike in the ring and it’s like oh man. I know this is a show. All right I’ll get hit with a f*cking bike.

“I go in the ring and I am getting walloped by this bike. I’m like yeah, you guys made the right decision but someone had to do it. Does that mean I’ll never do it again? No. Let me do promotional work again, I love doing matches like that.

“When those weapons do more damage than normal attacks [in the game] there’s a reason for it. It’s not fun. It’s unpleasant.”

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Kenny Omega has been out of action since December after being diagnosed with diverticulitis. Recently, Tony Khan gave an update on the star’s status, revealing that he is “doing much better,” although there is still no timeframe for his return to AEW.

H/T to Inside The Ropes for the above transcription.