Kenny Omega Expected To Undergo Surgery

Kenny Omega IWGP US Title

Kenny Omega’s recovery continues to be up and down.

Back in December, it was revealed that Kenny Omega would be stepping away from the ring after being diagnosed with diverticulitis. The former AEW World Champion had been struggling with his health for some time but was initially unaware of just how serious his condition was.

In recent weeks Omega has opened up about his recovery, admitting it hasn’t been straightforward. He also refused to put a timeline on a potential return to the ring.

According to a new update from Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it’s looking increasingly likely that Omega will need to go under the knife.

“While no decision has been made, it looks more likely than not that Kenny Omega will be getting surgery on his intestines. He’s had his ups and downs but has largely been dealing with a good amount of pain for months now. He said surgery is becoming more and more likely as two different doctors have told him they think it’s the best option.

It’s not 100 percent that he will have surgery but it’s looking more likely, particularly if he wants to get into condition to resume his career that he will probably have to get rid of the perforated sections of his intestine and colon.”

Kenny Omega’s Condition Was “Life-Threatening”

Meltzer continued by reminding fans that Brock Lesnar and Davey Boy Smith JR. had recovered from the illness, but at one point Omega’s condition was a legitimate threat to his life.

We keep going back to Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Brock Lesnar, who both returned at a high level and both of their situations were very bad as well, but Omega’s situation was legitimately life threatening.

Kenny Omega has been keeping busy during his absence looking back at classic matches on Twitch. During one stream, Omega dubbed Kurt Angle the most complete wrestler in history.