Kenny Omega Brutally Attacked On AEW Dynamite

Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega was back in an AEW ring in his hometown, but the night didn’t go well for the former member of The Elite.

In the main event segment of AEW Dynamite in Winnipeg, Kenny Omega made his triumphant return after being off television since December 2023. The reason Omega has been off AEW television is due to a serious case of diverticulitis, which is a deadly disease that can do a lot of damage especially if it’s not treated in time.

While Omega admitted he wasn’t good at talking about his health, he did the best he could. Omega said that after spending ten days in the hospital, he was told he was lucky because he was about 24 hours away from dying. It was also revealed by Omega that he could have a colonoscopy bag with him for the rest of his life. An important point made by Omega was that he was told that any blunt-force trauma to the stomach could kill him.

That led to Omega admitting that ever since that day, he had to stop watching AEW because his hands would shake. After talking about great matches at AEW Dynasty, Omega said that he was scared, but the reason why he was shaking was because he was going through withdrawal. Omega admitted that he needed to be in this ring and being called the best is what fueled him. Omega said that this isn’t over until he exhausts every option. Omega said if there’s a 10% chance or 1% chance, he said that you aren’t done with Kenny Omega yet.

Omega addressed Matthew & Nicholas Jackson (aka the Young Bucks), who are free to do what they want, but there was another EVP like them and that’s him. That’s when Kazuchika Okada showed up for the interruption. Omega told Okada they had a great rivalry in Japan, so give Omega a few months so they can settle it right here in this ring. Okada said that he was the Best Bout Machine now, not Omega.

At that point, Jack Perry attacked Omega with a forearm to the back to knock Omega down. There was a comeback when Omega punched Perry a few times along with a few knees to the body and Omega hit a Snapdragon Suplex on Perry. When Omega ran the ropes, Okada grabbed his foot and Perry hit Omega with a chair shot to the ribs.

The Young Bucks Join In On Assaulting Kenny Omega

As the drama continued, The Young Bucks went down to the ring to try to get Perry to relax. The fans were chanting “Kenny” for Omega, who crawled over to the Bucks. That led to the Young Bucks hitting the EVP Trigger double knee strike on Omega.

There was finally a save. FTR’s music played as Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler ran out to the ring, so The Elite left the ring. The medical staff was checking on Omega. That was the end of Dynamite, which was followed by Rampage.

On AEW Rampage, Omega was shown on a stretcher and was nearly loaded into an ambulance. However, that’s when The Elite attacked FTR to take them out. They also flipped over the stretcher that Omega was on, so Omega had a hard landing on cement.

There’s no official word on when Kenny Omega might return to the wrestling room.