Kenny Omega Disputes Suggestion AEW Was Formed To Rival WWE

Kenny Omega with AEW World Championship

Kenny Omega has spoken about how he doesn’t think AEW was formed just to be a rival to WWE, but for many other reasons too.

As a former AEW World Champion, Tag Team Champion, and Trios Tag Team Champion, Kenny Omega has done it all the promotion where he is also known as Executive Vice President. Omega has even been suspended for fighting in AEW as well.

Ever since AEW launched in 2019, people have compared it to WWE because they are the biggest wrestling companies in the world, especially in the North American market. Just like WWE has live TV shows every week, AEW does as well. While WWE likely pays more of their talent more, AEW does pay their talent well and affords them a good life. Prior to AEW existing, those same would have had to work elsewhere with less exposure while making less money.

In an interview with CBC Radio, Omega spoke about how vast the pro wrestling world is while saying that AEW gives a stage for wrestlers to show what they can do.

“In professional wrestling, there are a lot more people doing it than you’d probably realize. And there are a lot of people with a lot of big dreams that just don’t have the platform to show just how talented they are.”

“AEW, for me, is being able to show the world some of the men and women who maybe wouldn’t have had a voice or wouldn’t have had the stage to show what they do best.”

As he continued, Kenny Omega spoke about how he doesn’t think AEW launched just to compete with WWE, but for greater reasons.

“I think it has allowed for just, I would say, more variety. And that’s why I’ll never say that we went into this to compete with WWE. I just want to give people the option to see things that are different stories that you might not be able to see there.”

This coming Wednesday on the March 22nd edition of AEW Dynamite, Kenny Omega will face El Hijo Del Vikingo in a match that Tony Khan promoted as a “Dream Match” even though some people seem to dispute Tony’s hype technique for the match.

H/T WrestlingInc