Kazuchika Okada Addresses Possible Rematch With Bryan Danielson

Kazuchika Okada vs Bryan Danielson at Forbidden Door

Kazuchika Okada is open to facing Bryan Danielson in a sequel to their first encounter at Forbidden Door, but not just yet.

Danielson and Okada headlined the AEW and NJPW cross-promotional supershow on June 25th in an epic half-hour encounter. The end of the bout saw the unthinkable happen as Danielson wrapped up The Rainmaker in a submission hold that left him with no choice but to tap out for the first time since 2015.

Perhaps more surprisingly, Danielson wrestled the last ten minutes of the intense bout with one arm, having injured his right forearm. At the post-show media scrum, Danielson believed it was a fracture that would leave him out for 6-8 weeks, however, it later turned out to be worse than initially thought, with an x-ray revealing a severe break.

During a recent interview with Tokyo Sports, Okada spoke about his experience wrestling Danielson, saying he felt he had “experienced American wrestling for the first time.”

“I was the last to enter the ring, but I felt like AEW had taken me over. Bryan came out of nowhere for the ‘Final Countdown,’ and I thought he took the air with him. I felt that I had experienced American wrestling this time.”

When it comes to facing the man who made him submit again, the former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion is in no rush, saying he doesn’t think it would be “right” to do it again so soon.

When it does happen, he has a brutal game plan, breaking one or both of Dnaielson’s arms.

“I don’t think it’s right for me to play the card that everyone was excited about so much, and to play it again. I don’t want to get there easily. But if there is a time to return the favor, I’d like to win even if I have to break one or two more arms firmly. I hope I can do it at the right time.”

H/T to Fightful for the above translation.