Update On Bryan Danielson Following “Severe Break”

Bryan Danielson

Bryan Danielson and Kazuchika Okada headlined Forbidden Door in a generational dream match and while The American Dragon picked up the win, he left the match worse for wear.

Bryan Danielson was forced to wrestle for around ten minutes of the bout with a broken arm after Okada caught him with a big elbow drop off the top rope. That forced Danielson to improvise to pick up the submission win as he was unable to lock in his trusty LeBell Lock with only one good arm.

Speaking on What Happened When (courtesy of AdFreeShows) Tony Schiavone, who was at the announce desk for Danielson and Okada’s match, called Danielson’s injury a “severe break”:

“I do also want to say that being a part of an Okada match was one of those moments that you’ll never forget and being a part of any Bryan Danielson match is special, especially when he worked the last part of that match with a broken arm.

“He put that stretch plum on or whatever we call it, the LeBell lock, on with a broken hand and he put his first hand in, and then he was doing this. Of course, now we don’t know if he’s working or not at this time. He does this and he does this and he forces his hand to lock under that much pain.

“It’s an unforgettable moment. It really is for me. I’ll remember that because I was right there seeing him take the second hand and hook him and stretch that LeBell lock on. I’ve seen the X-rays and I know how bad the break is. It’s a severe break.”

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Danielson’s wife Brie Garcia also shared a photo of his x-ray noting that the injury was worse than originally thought.