Kazuchika Okada – “I Don’t Think I Have Much Time Left In My Career”

Kazuchika Okada

Kazuchika Okada has hinted his time in the wrestling ring is running out.

Kazuchika Okada has been the biggest star in New Japan Pro Wrestling over the past decade, winning the company’s top title seven times. Okada has also headlined Wrestle Kingdom eight times with his first main event appearance in the company’s biggest show of the year coming in 2013.

Kazuchika Okada wants to take NJPW to new heights

Speaking to Number Web, Kazuchika Okada spoke about NJPW founder Antonio Inoki and noted he wanted to help the company Inoki founded to surpass what it achieved during the Japanese legend’s time in charge but added that he doesn’t think he has much time left in his own wrestling career to do that:

“I know people might say, ‘It’s impossible to surpass Mr. Inoki,’ but I think the only way to do it is to make pro wrestling more exciting. First of all, I would like to bring the attendance back to the level where it was at the time of Mr. Inoki’s Tokyo Dome, and then I would like to promote pro wrestling in a different way, since there are now video distribution services on the internet and so on.

“In the past, Mr. Inoki also focused on overseas strategies and tried to bring New Japan wrestling to the world, but times have changed and there are many New Japan fans overseas through the internet, so I would like to exceed what Mr. Inoki did in this way. I don’t think I have that much time left in my career, so I want to do my best.”

AEW recently paid tribute to Antonio Inoki at its WrestleDream show in Seattle which was held on the first anniversary of Inoki’s passing.

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